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Off and, suddenly, forever off

2017-07-16 19:26:32 by Riveet099

I find that after you take a vacation from your contacts and medal-hunting, it suddenly gets really hard to get back in the groove.

I didn't enjoy the Brotherhood anime too much. The game was ok ... but then they release all this new stuff that would've made the thing much better if we didn't have to wait for new releases. And now this new mobile game ... Meanwhile Luna and Noctis' love story was kinda shoved under the carpet compared to the bro-time between the 'Brothers' on the road. Ravus and most of those guys (See, I barely even know their name!) in Niflheim's Empire didn't get much of a chance to do something to flesh themselves out in the main game. I mean, I had to play episode Prompto to get that Verstael was a scientist and engineered the Diamond Weapon Daemon which was the giant monster in FFXV Kingsglaive. The movie helped a lot btw in understanding stuff in general.
Nyx's corpse in the throne room was a slip-in of the movie, but idk how many people noticed or cared. His Kukris were still kick-ass though. The wedding scene was so weird considering they were holding it in a freakin' throne room that had only ONE chair. Luna was just sitting off to the side, on the side opposite where the King was supposedly sitting while he was watching Noctis play sacrifice or savior or whatever. There's also that part about Noctis' role as a sacrifice or chosen king that's not exactly clear but I know relates heavily to Omen. 
Episode Gladiolus lost me at the beginning, seeing as it was pretty much just a show of machismo. So he beats Gilgamesh (Who, imo, is peanuts compared to Gilgamesh in FFV) and says "I kneel to no man." So much for being the shield subservient to a King.
Episode Prompto was better. Not much to say though, except the question is raised why Prompto is so well dressed. Didn't Ardyn set this up? So he purposely gave him winter gear and everything then? Ok...
Episode Ignis doesn't look like much to me, but I'll still watch it with some hope it may reveal somthing about the main plot (I'm not watching for Iggy). I'd really like an episode Aranea and Luna, but who knows if that'll be made.
FF Versus XIII looks much more interesting now, given that I believe there were supposed to be TWO girls, Stella and Luna, that Noctis could have went for, and Stella was the antagonist! I guess that plot holds something more blurry in polarity, unlike FFXV where there isn't really good reason to feel bad for Ardyn because we never get to REALLY know his past except for what he just narrates. Not only that but Versus had better lore in my opinion, since it tied back to the existing lore of FFXIII, with Etro and whatnot. Of course the portrait still stands, if not forgotten.
I'm not really sure why I made this my longest post. And it's all about some game. Damn, I feel petty...

Eifersucht, Mord, und Rache

2017-06-27 22:20:58 by Riveet099

This order sounds about right, ja?

Text Game making

2017-06-06 18:09:25 by Riveet099

I've been wanting to make a visual novel game for a while, but I can't get any of the free stuff to work on a shit pc.


2017-05-18 11:53:54 by Riveet099

So I think I'm finally getting the hang of GIMP...


2017-05-02 21:49:30 by Riveet099

... I got mentioned

I like that line from Bastille's "Pompei." 

But has anything changed? Productively, even? Not in the world, I mean, because that'll just make me cry. The things in our own lives, I meant. Get a new job? New acquaintance? 


2017-03-09 11:44:47 by Riveet099

I'd like to become a supporter, but I have a deathly fear for security inadequacy. So, to supporters on NG, is it safe to give away your banking info to Fulp?

Its hard

2017-03-07 12:09:01 by Riveet099

Why is it soooo bureacratic to study abroad? Yeesh

On food

2017-03-01 14:31:42 by Riveet099

what's your favorite? Least favorite? Feeling hungry.