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Well I started supporting NG. But I still haven't done chapter 3 of A Lonely Placebo... @#$$%#$@...

Available for Work

Open for Commissions

Part time artist/hobbyist available for simple art commissions for now. I also do writing requests...

You can send me commission details/requests via this site. You can also reach me via Discord (Aimee#3629) to take advantage of its image capabilities and pins.

I only accept payment via PayPal currently and I will require your E-mail to send you the invoice as well as drafts you may request.

Due to my life balance, I do mostly simple work. So expect results within about 7 days for art, and up to a week and a half for writing. At latest, art commissions can take two weeks.


Sketches (concept art and designs, no shading or color)

  1. Simple, one character (largely nondescript, almost like storyboard)- $3
  2. Complex, one character (with designs, like game design rough sketches)- $5
  3. Additional characters- $5 each
  4. Architecture- $5
  5. General background- $10

Line art

  1. One character- $10
  2. Additional characters (5 max.)- $10 each
  3. Coloring- $15
  4. Shading- $5
  5. Background- $15
  6. Custom accessories (considerable vehicles, weapons, clothing, etc.)- $7


  1. Fanfiction (short, >3000 words)-$10
  2. Homebrew - TBA


I will send you an initial sketch, which will be paid for first. Alterations can be made and suggestions are taken at this stage. The final product is created after the sketch is paid for and approved. The final invoice will be sent with any add-on costs. After the final invoice is paid, I will send you the final product.

I allow for ONE free alteration after the final product is sent. This can consist of color palette changes and other modifications. However, any other requests after the first will result in additional fees.

My general style is tending towards realistic but with a leg still in the realm of anime. I draw monsters as well as people and some vehicles, all digitally. You can see my works on my profile, as well as my DA. Other examples can be provided upon request. I am comfortable with things like action scenes as well as comics, but additional fees apply.

Descriptions are expected to be as detailed as possible, particularly for characters and backgrounds. Characters can be full body or bust. If you have designs you need specifically, either describe them or send a visual aid. If you require progress drafts, they will be added to the final invoice.

I am limited to working on 5 commissions at a time. I will inform you upon contact whether I can take your request. I retain the right to deny or cancel a commission. A full refund will be provided on cancellation via PayPal.

Unless the commission is established beforehand to be only private, I retain the right to upload any created content on my galleries. All commissioned works are for personal use only. You may post and share these images on your site and display them as you please, but not in any commercial way and you must provide credit and links.


  • ALL NSFW drawings are off the table for now due to time constraint. This includes but is not limited to gore and sexual themes. May be available in the future. NSFW options for writing are available upon request.
  • No generally offensive content (racism, etc.)
  • If unsure, please ask me.

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