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I LOVED this Knishmas special. Such nostalgia!

The art style reminds me of those European cartoony kinds like PastelGames. The German and voice acting is excellent. Despite the animation and pace feeling a bit slow, the music fills in the blank spaces with ambience and the voice acting matches the pace to feel deliberate. Very well done!

This actually sounds like something that damn bot would do. Really nice voice-acting and concept.

MrBlueBowtie responds:

I'm happy you liked it mate
I always thought BMO was weird

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This has a nice and simple format and easy-to-understand goals. It's not as flowery with the story as PATAP but I found it a good time-killer. It has relatively less things to manage than some earlier games like the circus one, so I felt a lot more at ease playing.

kygron responds:

Thanks for the explanation! It's been hard for me to foreshadow later game play without exposing too much complexity too early.

Sometimes the angles on the game are not helping you see well so you keep dying over and over again.

PitoyGames responds:

you can move the camera with the right screen, just drag and move with left mouse button

This style of storytelling is a great upgrade from some of the more sandbox-y games you made in the past, or maybe I'm just a sucker for Greek Mythos. Approval and points is a nice and simple system with a variety of upgrade options to get at.

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So peaceful yet pensive. There's classical and techno elements I pick up. It's great.

It's like a newer, refurbished and modernized piece of memory here in the future. Ingenious.

PhatBoiJ responds:


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That's cool armor! But is it based off a leaf hopper or grasshopper (two different bugs)?
The crested helm also makes me think he's more a thorn bug too.

I like her clothing design and, shoot, I forget the name of the device.

Very creepy! I like the centipede faking it as a prayer rosary.
Dedushka... does that mean grandfather or something?

pavelbaron responds:

Yes! Translated into Russian

I like Dungeons and Dragons

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