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The voice acting volume scared me at first but dang they sound so funny!

I don't know the movie at all so this was even funnier I think!
Nice animation and gag moments (filing her nails, ha)

Is it just me or does that shadow thing (pretty sure it's not the spirit of the earth) look like it could be an axolotl? And if so, could it be Xolotl?
Rewatching to refresh and it's always a good story

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I think the game runs ok. It's a tough platformer. Graphics are nice and controls are simple.
The timing gets extremely crucial since the character has a small cooldown when he lands, which makes him unable to jump for the next nanosecond, by then which you will have been shot in the face with a fireball or fallen on a spike.
I'm not sure if anyone else has this issue, but the game has this strange millisecond pause throughout, which messes up my timing.

Fun like the other two tricky games. The different blocks keep each one kinda fresh. Ran into another WebGL exception this time when I finished level 34.

Edit: WHY SO MANY EXCEPSHUUUNS... in later levels.

Interesting use of different blocks. There aren't that many new blocks, but the mix of them changes each level's composition and difficulty nicely. The fox has less sliding than the cat. solid game.
After I finished level 25 and was about to start level 26, I ran into a WebGL exception and the game froze.

Edit: I finished level 25 and then level 26 but that triggered the exception thing again, and I got no medals from either level. I'm not sure if there is a problem going on with Newgrounds though since the site has been very slow

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At first, I thought it was a hospital heart monitor and I love the idea of it being used for something like a hospital showdown buildup. I know its actually a radar noise and targets being closed in on by the searching prowlers though.

So peaceful yet pensive. There's classical and techno elements I pick up. It's great.

It's like a newer, refurbished and modernized piece of memory here in the future. Ingenious.

PhatBoiJ responds:


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Very nice detail. I like the part directly below the blade a lot. At a glance I thought it would be something like the laser ice pick from spectrobes

Gharmey-Hapscoy responds:

I'm glad you like it! :D
This one is a bit of an older design but it was fun to make

MMMM "gaudy"
Very nice and glittery. Captures that idea of "fashionable impracticality" well

Gharmey-Hapscoy responds:

I'm glad to hear that! :D

Nice! The imagery is just like something that comes to mind when reading Lovecraft. And I like that it's not actually Hastur (is it?)

deathink responds:

No, it's not the king in yellow, but Hastur manifests him self in MANY forms. Good eye my dude.

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