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That's cool armor! But is it based off a leaf hopper or grasshopper (two different bugs)?
The crested helm also makes me think he's more a thorn bug too.

I like her clothing design and, shoot, I forget the name of the device.

Very creepy! I like the centipede faking it as a prayer rosary.
Dedushka... does that mean grandfather or something?

pavelbaron responds:

Yes! Translated into Russian

Oh nice! Cleric and monk are interesting and compatible classes due to their focus on wisdom. I like the outline around your character as an aura!
I never knew multiclassing was an optional rule! At my tables, we just multiclass as we please when we gain levels.

RandomRuz responds:

If I remeber correctly, in the Players Handbook it is not mentioned to be a rule like it is always allowed, on the other hand, at least in the campaign I am playing, my DM asked to make a coherent motif as to why my character is taking that path!

Oh neat. I suck at color without lines most of the time. The shading is neat for the planets and window. Maybe add some on the grass, but it's honestly minor.

Neat!! Bleach is coming back to anime!

D-SuN responds:

Can't wait!

Neat! Especially considering how techy everything in pokemon gets! I like the back pack design using the straps originally for her pants.

Nice! I never understood how to get minute movement like that. What program do you use?

GenericAnime responds:

Clip studio the cheap one. I highly recommend it if you are on a budget.

Why couldn't it be... I dunno, like putty or something? It's too cute for spam!

Noice weapon!

I like Dungeons and Dragons

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