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Text Game making

2017-06-06 18:09:25 by Riveet099

I've been wanting to make a visual novel game for a while, but I can't get any of the free stuff to work on a shit pc.


2017-05-18 11:53:54 by Riveet099

So I think I'm finally getting the hang of GIMP...


2017-05-02 21:49:30 by Riveet099

... I got mentioned

I like that line from Bastille's "Pompei." 

But has anything changed? Productively, even? Not in the world, I mean, because that'll just make me cry. The things in our own lives, I meant. Get a new job? New acquaintance? 


2017-03-09 11:44:47 by Riveet099

I'd like to become a supporter, but I have a deathly fear for security inadequacy. So, to supporters on NG, is it safe to give away your banking info to Fulp?

Its hard

2017-03-07 12:09:01 by Riveet099

Why is it soooo bureacratic to study abroad? Yeesh

On food

2017-03-01 14:31:42 by Riveet099

what's your favorite? Least favorite? Feeling hungry.

Used to be

2017-02-24 11:18:34 by Riveet099

Remember before the resurgence of far-right sentiment, when centrists could exist without being torn in half amid polarity? Remember when immigration used to be a distant dream we could ignore and let other people deal with, before shit went down in Syria? Tumult is the ingredient for change, good or bad. I worry we may regress, because no one seems to want to progress right now. It's too scary to take a step further into the unknown, better to curl back into times that are already long gone and hang onto some shred of the past. But that isn't right. I wish to stagnate so I don't have to face the truth of an uncertain future, but if I do, I'll only let myself drown in my useless state. There's no point in putting up walls against the truth, no point in lying to ourselves and others that we have everything under control. I finally understand why the right accuses the left of "fear-mongering," despite doing the same themselves. It's a primal thing, irrational yet greater than any rationality. But if we are to evolve beyond primordial fear, we must then face the future and the facts. Otherwise, we're just being controlled by this instinct, this fear of something we know nothing about. Change is a two-way street.


2017-02-23 11:43:44 by Riveet099

Anyone playin' Brave Exvius?


2017-02-21 11:53:46 by Riveet099

Ich habe die neue Film "Die Große Wand" gesehen. Es war nicht so schlecht.

Did anyone watch The Great Wall? Did anyone feel it was "white-washed?"