Anyone found anyone?

2017-02-17 13:12:06 by Riveet099

Apparently one has to find oneself before truly succeeding in life. This was what my advisor told me about finding the dream job.


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2017-02-17 13:59:21

that's like saying if you lose your life, you will gain it, and if you gain your life, you will lose it

Riveet099 responds:

Jesus war hier.


2017-02-17 14:09:24

That's very confusing.
I think to succeed at life, you need to make the right steps to get to your success, not go around saying stuff that doesn't make sense.

Riveet099 responds:

Likely. When you get stuck in a rut though, reality becomes confusing and it goes to your head


2017-02-17 14:57:56

*looks in a mirror* Ay look I found myself

Am I enlightened now?

Riveet099 responds:

Idk, how do you look?